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Poll Data

S% in the precision column means the results of the poll indicate seats (out of the total number of seats in the legislature), not percentages. The % is kept for ease of formatting.

If you used our data or the associated visualizations, you must give proper credit to Europe Elects.

CountryCSV FilesCharts
Austria at.csv, at-E.csv and at-N.csv at.png, at-E.png and at-N.png
Belgium: Brussels be-bru.csv, be-bru-E.csv and be-bru-N.csv be-bru.png, be-bru-E.png and be-bru-N.png
Belgium: Flanders be-vlg.csv, be-vlg-E.csv and be-vlg-N.csv be-vlg.png, be-vlg-E.png and be-vlg-N.png
Belgium: German-speakingNo polls registeredNo polls registered
Belgium: Wallonia be-wal.csv, be-wal-E.csv and be-wal-N.csv be-wal.png, be-wal-E.png and be-wal-N.png
Bulgaria bg.csv, bg-E.csv and bg-N.csv bg.png, bg-E.png and bg-N.png
Croatia hr.csv, hr-E.csv and hr-N.csv
hr.png, hr-E.png and hr-N.png
Cyprus cy.csv, cy-E.csv and cy-N.csvcy.png, cy-E.png and cy-N.png
Czechia cz.csv, cz-E.csv and cz-N.csv cz.png, cz-E.png and cz-N.png
DenmarkNo displayed due to legal uncertainty around Danish copyright laws §76 and §83 dk.png, dk-E.png and dk-N.png
Estonia ee.csv, ee-E.csv and ee-N.csv ee.png, ee-E.png and ee-N.png
Finland fi.csv, fi-E.csv and fi-N.csv fi.png, fi-E.png and fi-N.png
France fr.csv, fr-E.csv and fr-N.csv fr.png, fr-E.png and fr-N.png
Germany de.csv, de-E.csv and de-N.csv de.png, de-E.png and de-N.png
Greece gr.csv, gr-E.csv and gr-N.csv gr.png, gr-E.png and gr-N.png
Hungary hu.csv, hu-E.csv and hu-N.csv hu.png, hu-E.png and hu-N.png
Ireland ie.csv, ie-E.csv and ie-N.csv ie.png, ie-E.png and ie-N.png
Italy it.csv, it-E.csv and it-N.csv it.png, it-E.png and it-N.png
Latvia lv.csv, lv-E.csv and lv-N.csv lv.png, lv-E.png and lv-N.png
Lithuania lt.csv, lt-E.csv and lt-N.csv lt.png, lt-E.png and lt-N.png
Luxembourg lu.csv, lu-E.csv and lu-N.csvlu.png, lu-E.png and lu-N.png
Malta mt.csv, mt-E.csv and mt-N.csv mt.png, mt-E.png and mt-N.png
Netherlands nl.csv, nl-E.csv and nl-N.csv nl.png, nl-E.png and nl-N.png
Poland pl.csv, pl-E.csv and pl-N.csv pl.png, pl-E.png and pl-N.png
Portugal pt.csv, pt-E.csv and pt-N.csv pt.png, pt-E.png and pt-N.png
Romania ro.csv, ro-E.csv and ro-N.csv ro.png, ro-E.png and ro-N.png
Slovakia sk.csv, sk-E.csv and sk-N.csv sk.png, sk-E.png and sk-N.png
Slovenia si.csv, si-E.csv and si-N.csv si.png, si-E.png and si-N.png
Spain es.csv, es-E.csv and es-N.csv es.png, es-E.png and es-N.png
Sweden se.csv, se-E.csv and se-N.csv se.png, se-E.png and se-N.png
UK: Great Britain gb-gbn.csv, gb-gbn-E.csv and gb-gbn-N.csv gb-gbn.png, gb-gbn-E.png and gb-gbn-N.png
UK: Northern Ireland gb-nir.csv, gb-nir-E.csv and gb-nir-N.csv gb-nir.png, gb-nir-E.png and gb-nir-N.png

Polls go back to January 2018.

This data is free to use. Please credit Europe Elects upon use.

The files named αα.csv contain all polls registered in our database, with αα being the country’s ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. The files named αα-E.csv contain the polls for European elections only, while the files named αα-N.csv contain the national polls only.

The format of the CSV files is as follows:

  • Polling firm: The name of the polling firm
  • Commissioners: The name of the commissioners, or empty if none
  • Fieldwork Start: Start date for the fieldwork
  • Fieldwork End: End date for the fieldwork
  • Scope: Scope for the poll, either National or European
  • Sample Size: Sample size for the poll, either a number or Not Available if not available
  • Sample Size Qualification: Either Provided if the sample size was provided by the polling firm, or Estimated/Assumed if it was not provided by estimated or assumed, or N/A if the sample size was not available
  • Participation: Either a percentage for the participation, or Not Available if not available
  • Precision: Either a percentage for the precision of the results, or Seats if the results are given in terms of seats
  • Party Names: As a percentage, number of seats, or Not Available if not available
  • Other: As a percentage, number of seats, or Not Available if not available