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European Parliament Composition

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Changes in parliamentary groups

After the EU election 2019, the following changes in the EU Parliament composition have taken place:

EPP5 Post-Brexit MEPs
S&D4 Post-Brexit MEPsMEP Cristian TerheลŸ
10 Labour UK MEPs
MEP Sylwia Spurek
RE6 Post-Brexit MEPs16 LibDem UK MEPs
1 Alliance Party NI UK MEP
ID3 Post-Brexit MEPsMEP Andrea Caroppo
Greens/EFA4 Post-Brexit MEPs
MEP Sylwia Spurek
7 Green Party UK MEPs
1 Plaid Cymru UK MEP
ECRMEP Cristian TerheลŸ
4 Post-Brexit MEPs
4 Conservative Party UK MEPs
GUE/NGLMEP Martin Buschmann
1 Sinn Fein UK MEP
Non-InscritsMEP Martin Buschmann
1 Post-Brexit MEP
MEP Sylwia Spurek
MEP Andrea Caroppo
MEP Sylwia Spurek

European Peopleโ€™s Party (EPP)
Chaired by: Manfred Weber
MEPs: 188/705
EU Stance: Pro-EU

European Parties: European Peopleโ€™s Party (EPP)

Progressive Alliance
of Socialists and Democrats (S&D)
Chaired by: Iratxe Garcรญa Pรฉrez
MEPs: 140/705
EU Stance: Pro-EU

European Parties: Party of European Socialists (PES)

Renew Europe (RE)
Chaired by: Dacian Cioloศ™
MEPs: 102/705
EU Stance: Pro-EU

European Parties: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE), European Democratic Party (EDP)

Identity and Democracy (ID)
Chaired by: Marco Zanni
MEPs: 77/705
EU Stance: Eurosceptic

European Parties: Identity and Democracy Party

The Greens/European Free Alliance (G/EFA)
Chaired by: Ska Keller & Philippe Lamberts
MEPs: 71/705
EU Stance: Pro-EU, Regionalist

European Parties: European Green Party (EGP), European Free Alliance (EFA)

European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)
Chaired by: Raffaele Fitto & Ryszard Legutko
MEPs: 63/705
EU Stance: Soft Eurosceptic

European Parties: Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE)

European United Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL)
Chaired by: Manon Aubry & Martin Schirdewan
MEPs: 40/705
EU Stance:
Soft Eurosceptic

European Parties: Party of the European Left (PEL), European Anti-Capitalist Left (EACL), Nordic Green Left Alliance (NGLA)

Non-Inscrits (NI)
MEPs who do not sit in one of the recognized political groups
MEPs: 24/705

European Parties: Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), Initiative of Communists Workersโ€™ Party (INITIATIVE)

Policy Positions

Europe Elects creates a common understanding about elections and referenda. Part of this is that we consistently label national parties with their European group affiliation in order to give readers an orientation about their ideological orientation. This information sheet provides key information about all groups currently represented in the European Parliament. 

Members of the European Parliament