National Parliament Composition


Head of State (Monarch)Albert II
Head of Government (Minister of State)Serge Telle (*)
Parties in Government


Prioritรฉ Monaco (Primo!)
Priority Monaco
Leader: Stephane Valeri
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: ~ EPP (EPP-PACE)
EU Stance: Eurosceptic

Horizon Monaco (HM)
Horizon Monaco
Leader: Laurent Nouvion
Orientation: Right-wing
EP Affiliation: ~RE (ALDE-PACE)
EU Stance: Eurosceptic

Union Monรฉgasque (UM)
Monegasque Union
Leader: Jean-Francois Robillon
Orientation: Centre to Centre-right
EP Affiliation: *
EU Stance: Eurosceptic

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