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National Parliament Composition


Head of State (Monarch)Hans-Adam II (*)
Head of Government (PM)Adrian Hasler (FBP~RE)
Parties in GovernmentProgressive Citizens’ Party (FBP~RE)
Patriotic Union (VU~RE)


Fortschrittliche Bรผrgerpartei (FBP)
Progressive Citizens’ Party
Leader: Marcus Vogt
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: ~RE (ALDE-PACE)

Vaterlรคndische Union (VU)
Patriotic Union
Leader: Gรผnther Fritz
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: ~RE (ALDE-PACE)

Die Unabhรคngigen (DU)
The Independents
Leader: Harry Quaderer
Orientation: Right-wing
EP Affiliation: *

Freie Liste (FL)
Free List
Leaders: Pepo Frick & Conny Bรผchel
Orientation: Left-wing, Green
EP Affiliation: โ†’Greens/EFA (intention to join EGP, cooperation with EGP members)

Demokraten pro Liechtenstein (DpL)
Democrats for Liechtenstein
Leader: Thomas Rehak
Orientation: Right-wing
EP Affiliation: *

Recent Polls

No parliamentary election polls have been published in recent years.

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