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Vatican City

National Parliament Composition

As with almost all monarchies, the executive, legislative and judicial power of government resides in the crown, in this case in the office of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). However, as with many monarchies, the Pope exercises this power through other organs which act on his behalf and in his name: ‘The Supreme Pontiff, sovereign of Vatican City State, has the fullness of legislative, executive, and judicial powers.’

The Pope delegates legislative authority for the state to the unicameral Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State. The current members were appointed in 2018 and are
• Giuseppe Bertello (*; President of the Pontifical Commission)
• Kevin J. Farrell (*)
• Giuseppe Petrocchil (*)
• Stanisław Ryłkol (*)
• Leonardo Sandril (*)
• Domenico Calcagnol (*)
• Beniamino Stella (*).

The pope delegates executive authority to the Governorate of Vatican City state, which consists of the President of the Pontifical Commission (Head of Government), a General Secretary, and a Vice General Secretary, each appointed for five-year terms by the Pope.


Head of State (Pope)Jorge Mario Bergoglio (‘Franciscus’) (*)
Head of Government (PM)Fernando Vérgez Alzaga (*)
Members of Government• Fernando Vérgez Alzaga (*; President of the Governorate)
• Raffaella Petrini (*; General Secretary of the Governorate of Vatican City State)
• Pietro Parolin (*; State Secretary of the Holy See)

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