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Head of State (President)Maia Sandu (*-EPP)
Head of Government (PM)Aurel Ciocoi (*) [interim]
Parties in GovernmentIndependent (*) [caretaker]


Partidul Socialiศ™tilor din Republica Moldova (PSRM)
Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova
Leader: Zinaida Greceanรฎi
Orientation: Left-wing
EP Affiliation: S&D|ID (SOC, cooperation with ENF/ID in the past)
EU Stance: Eurosceptic

Partidul Democrat din Moldovaย (PDM)
Democratic Party of Moldova
Leader: Pavel Filip
Orientation: Centre-left
EP Affiliation: S&D (PES, PA, SI, SOC, SS-CIS)
EU Stance: Neutral

Partidul Acศ›iune ศ™i Solidaritateย (PAS)
Party of Action and Solidarity
Leader: Maia Sandu
Orientation: Liberal
EP Affiliation: EPP (EPP Party, EPP-PACE)
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Partidul Platforma Demnitate ศ™i Adevฤƒr (PPDA)
Dignity and Truth Platform Party
Leader: Andrei Nฤƒstase
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: EPP (EPP Party)
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Leader: Andrian Candu
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: *
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Note: Split-off from PDM-S&D

Partidul โ€žศ˜ORโ€ (PPศ˜)
ศ˜or Party
Leader: Ilan ศ˜or
Orientation: National-conservative
EP Affiliation: ECR (ECR Party)
EU Stance: Eurosceptic