National Parliament Composition

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National Poll Average

Given the small number of national polls in Luxembourg, this is not a poll average, simply a trace of national polls over time. You can access the complete database of polls at


Head of State (Monarch)Henri
Head of Government (PM)Xavier Bettel (DP-RE)
Parties in GovernmentDemocratic Party (DP-RE)
Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP-S&D)
The Greens (Gréng-Greens/EFA)


Chrëschtlech Sozial Vollekspartei (CSV)
Christian Social People’s Party
Leader: Marc Spautz
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: EPP
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Demokratesch Partei (DP)
Democratic Party
Leader: Corinne Cahen
Orientation: Liberal
EP Affiliation: RE
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Lëtzebuerger Sozialistesch Aarbechterpartei (LSAP)
Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party
Leader: Claude Haagen
Orientation: Centre-left
EP Affiliation: S&D
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Déi Gréng (Gréng)
The Greens
Leader: Françoise Folmer & Christian Kmiotek
Orientation: Green politics
EP Affiliation: Greens/EFA
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg (PPLU)
Pirate Party Luxembourg
Leader: Marie-Paule Dondelinger & Flor Starsky
Orientation: Pirate Party politics
EP Affiliation: Greens/EFA
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Alternativ Demokratesch Reformpartei (ADR)
Alternative Democratic Reform Party
Leader: Jean Schoos
Orientation: National-conservative
EP Affiliation: ECR
EU Stance: Soft Eurosceptic

Déi Lénk (Lénk)
The Left
Leader: Collective
Orientation: Left-wing
EP Affiliation: GUE/NGL
EU Stance: Soft Eurosceptic

Volt Europa (Volt)
Volt Europe
Leader: Julie Pelcé & Daniel Silva
Orientation: Eurofederalist
EP Affiliation: ~ Greens/EFA
EU Stance: Pro-EU

Kommunistesch Partei vu Lëtzebuerg (KPL)
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Leader: Ali Ruckert
Orientation: Communist
EP Affiliation: ~ NI
EU Stance: Anti-EU

Recent Polls

Polling FirmCommissionersFieldwork StartFieldwork EndScopeSample SizeSample Size QualificationParticipationPrecisionChrëschtlech-Sozial VolleksparteiLëtzebuerger Sozialistesch AarbechterparteiDemokratesch Parteidéi gréngAlternativ Demokratesch ReformparteiDéi LénkPiratepartei LëtzebuergPartei fir Integral DemokratieKommunistesch Partei LëtzebuergOther
KantarLuxemburger Wort and RTL2020-06-082020-06-24National1811ProvidedNot Available0.1%27.5%16.4%20.6%13.4%8.2%7.3%4.8%Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
KantarLuxemburger Wort and RTL2019-11-142019-11-23National1859ProvidedNot Available0.1%30.1%15.0%16.6%15.9%10.4%5.5%5.4%Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
TNSLuxemburger Wort and RTL2017-12-012018-05-31National3521ProvidedNot Available1%43%15%17%12%8%5%Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
TNSLuxemburger Wort and RTL2017-12-012017-12-01National1807ProvidedNot Available0.1%36.7%20.6%10.0%10.7%7.9%7.7%3.0%1.1%2.2%Not Available
IfopTageblatt2017-10-092017-10-19National827ProvidedNot Available1%39%15%13%13%8%6%3%1%1%1%