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Head of State (President of Finland)Sauli Niiinistö (*-EPP)
Head of Government (Lantråd)Veronica Thörnroos
Parties in GovernmentÅland Centre (C~RE)
Moderate coalition for Åland (MS~ EPP)
Non-aligned Coalition (ObS~ EPP)
Sustainable Initiative (Hi-G/EFA)

National Parliament Composition

National Poll Average

Given the small number of national polls in Åland, this is not a poll average, simply a trace of national polls over time. You can access the complete database of polls at


Åländs Center (C)
Åland Centre
Leader: Veronica Thörnroos
Orientation: Centre
EP Affiliation: RE (Centre Group, MP is a direct member (and member of the board) of ELF, the official ALDE think tank)

Liberalerna på Åland (Lib)
Liberals for Åland
Leader: Katrin Sjögren
Orientation: Centre to Centre-left
EP Affiliation: ~RE (Centre Group)

Moderat Samling för Åland (MS)
Moderate Coalition for Åland
Leader: Annette Holmberg-Jansson
Orientation: Centre-right
EP Affiliation: ~ EPP (Conservative Group)

Obunden Samling (ObS)
Non-aligned Coalition
Leader: Bert Häggblom
Orientation: Centre-right to Right-wing
EP Affiliation: ~ EPP (Conservative Group)

Ålands Socialdemokrater (ÅSD)
Åland Social Democrats
Camilla Gunell
Orientation: Centre-left
EP Affiliation: ~S&D (The Social Democrat Group, SAMAK)

Hållbart initiativ (Hi)
Sustainable Initiative
Leaders: Alfons Röblom & Erica Scott
Orientation: Centre-left
EP Affiliation: G/EFA (EGP)

Ålands Framtid (ÅF)
Future of Åland
Leader: Peggy Eriksson
Orientation: Centre to Centre-right, regionalism
EP Affiliation: G/EFA (EFA)

Åländsk Demokrati (ÅD)
Ålandic Democracy
Leader: Stephan Toivonen
Orientation: Right-wing
EP Affiliation: *

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