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EURACTIV is a pan-European media network specialized in EU policies, founded in 1999 by the French media publisher Christophe Leclercq. Its headquarters and central editorial staff are located in Brussels, although its content is produced by about 50 journalists staffed in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. Articles are freely available in English and 11 other European languages.

Europe Elects and Euractiv established a partnership in July 2021.

See the press release on the Euractiv website.

Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ)

Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ) is an American website that focuses on reporting election results in the United States. The website was founded in 2012 by Brandon Finnigan as an alternative to what he deemed โ€œslowโ€ election calls by the Associated Press.[1] The companyโ€™s president is Drew McCoy. Decision Desk HQ uses an application programming interface (API) to get election results at the same time as they are published on websites provided by election officials.

Europe Elects and DDHQ established a partnership in September 2021.

See the press release on the DDHQ website.

The New Federalistย 

The New Federalist is a political online magazine that deals with European political issues. The magazine is funded by the Young European Federalists and is run by young volunteers. The magazine was founded in spring 2009 and focuses on EU and European politics.

Europe Elects and The New Federalist established a partnership in August 2020.

See the press release on The New Federalist website.