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Opinion polls and election results are insufficient to understand a society’s transformation. We aim to go further – and to help people understand what is happening on the other side of the globe. Therefore, Elects is open to receiving articles.

Please note we are an entirely voluntary media: none of us is paid to produce articles. However, being a non-profit platform means profitability is not a problem for us. Our editorial line does not have to follow hot topics: contributors can write on whatever topic they want without time, form, and efficiency constraints. Our articles can range from basic introductions to in-depth sociological analyses, depending on the author’s desire.

Writing an article does not require in-depth skills or specific experience. Everyone is an expert on some topic, especially in international media; our team is here to help you combine these skills with the requirements of journalism!

Before writing an article, we invite you to contact our editorial team at [email protected] to let them know about your article’s concept. Don’t worry, we won’t steal your idea – it’s only meant to ensure your piece will match our editorial line before you start writing! Once your concept is approved, our editors will provide editorial tips to ensure the article fits Elects’ guidelines (insert hyperlink to a page listing our editorial guidelines). Feel free to contact them throughout your writing process if you need help or advice.

Besides article submissions, our intense editorial activity regarding several topics requires us to have a few editorial specialists aboard. Consequently, we are also looking for contributors in the following positions:

  • EU Specialist
  • Podcast Team member
  • Blah Blah

Your role would essentially be to proofread our productions related to your pet’s subject and to ensure that everything written is factually correct. Please note taking one of these positions does not involve providing several hours of work every week. We are a volunteer platform and will never ask our contributors for a permanent activity! However, if you think you will regularly be unavailable for several weeks, we invite you to refrain from applying.

That being said, most newly-recruited volunteers are surprised by the short time they dedicate to Elects. If you feel like doing more at some point, you may be involved in one of our other activities – from writing articles to creating maps or gathering historical data on polls and elections. But, once again, keep in mind that this is optional and non-binding!

If you feel like helping us with one of the aforementioned tasks, please send us an email at [email protected]! Please formalise your application by sending a CV – we do not select candidates based on their academic or professional experience, but it truly helps us better identify how you could help us.

Universal access to information is an invaluable asset. But it takes time and altruism. Help us make it possible. Get involved.