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European Elections, Day 3: Labour Party wins Malta by an historic margin

The Labour Party (S&D) appears to have landed the biggest majority in national history, becoming the party with the largest percentage of votes in Europe.

Projections of the Maltese European Election results are very close to what was published online by Europe Elects and Sagalytics, managed by Vincent Marmara. It seems the Labour Party (S&D) obtained 55% of total valid votes, the Nationalist Party (EPP) gained 37%, and the other parties 8% of total votes.

These preliminary results mark the largest win, by the widest margin ever obtained in the history of Maltese democracy, where elections have traditionally been close calls. It is also notable that the Labour Party is the political party with the greatest vote share in any European Union Member State. This will likely translate into 4 seats (+1) out of Malta’s 6 for the Labour Party, cementing it as an important player within the S&D Group. The Nationalist Party will likely receive 2 seats (-1) for the EPP.

Recent polls also showed the Labour Party solidifying it’s position among young voters. This was the first election on a National level that the 16-18 age group were eligible to vote, and this newest cohort of voters was in fact won by Labour.