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Brexit, but for real this time (with Fabio Riccardo Colombo)

Every episode hosts Euan Healey (@euanspeaks) and Gabriel Hedengren (@ghedengren) take us across Europe talking politics, polls and a whole assortment of general nerdiness.

In this weekโ€™s episode, we catch up with politics and elections from all around Europe discussing the latest news from Romania, Croatia, Finland and Greece. We may have also talked a little about Bougainville (Australia was in Eurovision, so why not?).

Later in the episode, Europe Electsโ€™ deputy editor-in-chief Mathew Nicolson (@EyjarSkeggi) joins our crew once again to talk anything and everything about the UK elections and the impact last Thursdayโ€™s result will have on the nations, the UK and Europe.

Finally, YouTrendโ€™s very own Fabio Riccardo Colombo (@fr_colombo) joins Gabriel in an interview about the San Marino election and an overview of the political system of everyoneโ€™s favourite enclaved microstate.

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