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Podcast: From Riga to Podgorica–Elections in a Late August Weekend

In our last summer episode the Europe Elects Podcast is packed with electoral and political news from all around the continent and even has a brand new segment!

In this episode, Euan Healey (@euanspeaks) is joined by Europe Elects’ correspondent from the Balkans, Luka Ivan Jukić (@lijukic), to discuss anything and everything about the parliamentary elections in Montenegro. Later in the episode, Euan and Gabriel premiere our new segment “On the Flip Side”, where every episode our hosts present two parties at the opposing ends of the spectrum on a different niche politics topic! In this episode, we visit Italy to find out which party represents the largest area and which the smallest!

Finally, Gabriel Hedengren (@ghedengren) is joined by Europe Elects beloved former correspondent from Latvia, Antons Gusevs (@AntonsGusevs), to fill us in on the municipal elections in Riga.

Note: The episode was recorded before the weekend elections.

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