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Podcast: Warning: High VOLTage (w/ Laurens Dassen)

Volt Europa – pan-europรคische Partei, gegrรผndet 2017 // Photo: Henning Schlottmann.(CC BY 4.0)

In this episode, our hosts bring us news from all around Europe and a new addition to our segment โ€œOn the Flip Sideโ€, where our hosts present two parties seemingly at the opposing ends of the spectrum on a different niche politics topic every time! In this episode we visit Ireland!

Finally, Euan Healey is joined by Voltโ€™s lead candidate in the upcoming Dutch elections, Laurens Dassen, in a fascinating interview about Voltโ€™s political programme and what they plan to do if they elect their very first MP.

Have a listen:

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