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Podcast: Elections! Elections! Elections! (w/ Guy Hedgecoe)

In this episode we once again catch up with politics and elections from all around the continent.

Gabriel Hedengren (@ghedengren) is joined by Europe Elects’ correspondent from Poland, Michał Konarski (@mkonarski3) to catch us up with what happened in the second round of the presidential election and what the result means for the polish political system. Europe Elects’ Polychronis Karampelas (@PolKar12) also joins the pod to update us on the parliamentary elections in North Macedonia.

Later in the episode, Euan Healey (@euanspeaks) is joined by print and broadcast journalist, Guy Hedgecoe (@Hedgecoe) in an interview about the regional elections in Galicia and the Basque Country and their impact on regional and national elections in Spain.

Finally, Euan and Gabriel play the very last round of “Who is who? European Commission Edition”!

Elections! Elections! Elections! (w/ Guy Hedgecoe, Michał Konarski & Polychronis Karampelas ). Produced by Europe Elects.

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