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Podcast: Russian’ to Vote (w/ Henry Foy)

In this episode, Gabriel Hedengren (@ghedengren) is joined by Europe Elects new Russia correspondent, Filip Rudnik (@RudnikFilip), and the Financial Times Moscow Bureau Chief, Henry Foy (@HenryJFoy), to fill us in on the elections in Russia, while Euan Healey (@euanspeaks) is joined by Europe Elects’ Deputy Editor, Mathew Nicolson (@SkeggiEyjar), in our new segment called “Mathew’s History Corner”, where we take a little break from current affairs and go back and look at historic elections from all around Europe! In this episode, we go back and visit Moldova in 2010 to find out what happened in a referendum on the presidential electoral system!

And of course our hosts bring us news from all around our continent.

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