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Podcast: Europe Day Special (with Ulrike Guérot)

In this Europe Day Special episode, we celebrate our continent.

First, we catch up as always with politics and electoral news from all around coronavirus-ridden Europe. Then Euan Healey (@euanspeaks) is joined by Professor Ulrike Guérot (@ulrikeguerot), who is the Head of Department for European Policy and the Study of DemocracyDanube University Krems, in an interview on the past, present and future of the EU and Europe as a whole.

Later in the episode, Euan hosts our second-ever Europe Elects Trivia Quiz with Gabriel Hedengren (@ghedengren) going against our very own Europe Elects’ Deputy Editor, Mathew Nicolson (@SkeggiEyjar).

Finally, Euan and Gabriel play another round of “Who is who? European Commission Edition”.

Produced by Europe Elects.

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